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About next-filtration

          A new wave of technology.

Next is pleased to introduce to the residential market, Next ScaleStop!

The newest technology in water conditioning is available today.  For the last 40 years, water conditioning professionals have treated hard water with the same basic technology.  Next-Scalestop system is truly the technology that we, as water professionals and you, as consumers have been waiting for.

Next-Scalestop will prevent hard water scaling, just as well as the conventional water softener has for the past 60 years.  A technological breakthrough is now allowing a no salt, no electricity, and no regeneration (waste water) conditioner to gain acceptance with water professionals, commercial and business owners, and residential users.  Miller & Sons has been working hard to provide you with this extraordinary technology.

Over the years, water conditioning professionals have had to overcome all of the myths and facts surrounding the regeneration cycle associated with the use of the water softener.  Many communities have even begun to ban the use of salt filled water softeners, in an attempt to alleviate the stresses on their waste water treatment facilities.

With all the mythical magnets and electric zapping devices out there, water professionals have seen and felt first hand the customers demands to find an alternative solution that addresses five (5) basic concerns:

1.      No Salt Required

2.      No Electricity

3.      No Waste Water

4.      No Middle of the Night Regeneration

5.      No Down Time, Continuous 24 Hour Treated Water

The Calcium and Magnesium removed by traditional salt-using softeners are essential nutrients. The sodium added by conventional softeners is linked to certain cardiovascular health problems and contributes to weight gain.

Next-scalestop does not add or remove anything from the water, retaining the important naturally occurring minerals, especially Calcium and Magnesium.

Next-scalestop water systems require virtually no maintenance, cost nothing to operate, uses no electricity, wastes no water and protects the environment while protecting your home from the harmful affects of scale.
Miller & Sons, Next carries a full line of Next Filtration products including Scalestop, and Next BioCatalytics.